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2006-2007 "BS agency"

Performance "East fairy tale" (inspired by oriental tales) Role - Jasmine; Shaherizada. Director: Sergei Shulgin


2006-2008 Art Atelier "Tradition" Vysotsky Center

Play "Breathing Butterfly" (play by R. Quinta "Cora") role - Anna

Director: Irena Gregor (debut directorial work)


2006 GITIS

Play "Cricket on the stove" (play by Charles Dickens), the role - Mrs Fielding Director: Galina Dubovskaya

Play "Thunderstorm" (play by Ostrovsky) role - Glasha Director: Oleg Efremov


2002-2004 Theater "Harlequin"

Play "Bald Soprano" (play by Ionesco I.) role - Mrs. Martin Director: Oleg Cherkas

Play "Eight-loving women" (play by Thoma) role - Louise Directed by: Vladimir Vlasenko Play "Francois Villon" (play by P. Antokolsky)

Play "Hamlet" (play by William Schekspira) Director: Sergei Melkonyan


1998-1999 "Theatre on the Rose Street"

Play "Father's Speech" (play by Guy Fuassi) role - mother

Play "Doors are slamming" (play by M. Fermo) role - Dominica

Directed by: Svetlana Teslaru




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