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Born: February 22, 1983


Professional profile: Film and drama actress


Height:  167 cm
Clothing size: 

Physical Characteristics: Eastern, Central European, Semitic, Latin, Mediterranean
Eyes: dark brown, expressive

Hair:  black
  dramatic soprano  

Role: The typical heroine. Vamp. Diverse roles



GITIS (2006) Russian Academy of Theatre & Art, Acting class

(2001-2002) Kishinev Institute of Arts (V.F Madan), Acting class

(2000-2001) High School, Norwalk, DesMoines,Iowa(USA)
(Secondary education) Lyceum of Theatre



 (2007) Honorary Award and Diploma International Film F/X CON 2007 "The magic of special effects - Art and Reality"              for contribution to theater and film industry in Russia and the Czech Republic.

 (2001) Medal for the I-th place in the All State Speech Compitment (festival of one-act plays, monologues), USA.



(2008) Participation in the "The Feast Trimalhio" of AES + F, premier exhibition held in August 2010 in the heart of modern culture "Garage". Photo exhibition and video installations. Image - Indian Queen.

(2006) Participation in a photo project "Horse as part of the universe" for the Photo Bank



Vocal: soul, jazz, academic, folk, pop.

Dance: Eastern, Latin American, modern, mime. Horseback riding, volleyball, bike, swimming, ice skating, roller skates


Ruassian,English and Romanian (fluent). Czech, Spanish, French, Arabic (basic)



2011 Film "Ariel" role - Shiyama (dir. A. Mun)

2010 Film "Once in Rostov" role - Indian (dir. K. P. Khudyakov)

2009 Film "Dalida. On the blade of Glory" role - Dalida (dir. S. Medvedev)

2008 Film "Gypsy" role - Kika (dir. E. Losev)

2008 TV-Show "Very Russian TV" role - fortune-teller (dir. V. Galygin)

2008 Film "Capercaillie" role - Natasha (dir. G. Kireev)

2006 Film "A man without a gun" (directed by A. Black)

2006 Film "Shadowboxing 2: Revenge" episode (directed by A. Megerdichev)  

2006 Film  "Criminal history" role - Pelagia (dir. D. Bushnin)

2006 Film "Turkish somersault" role - Mahidevran (dir. A. Black)

2006 Film "Viola 3" Priestess (Dir. A. Karpilovskaya)
2005 Film "Adult game", role - Olga (dir. V. Elizarov)
2004 Film "The Conquerors", Catalina (dir. A. Black)
2004 Film "Curse of the clan Onassis" Christina Onassis (dir. A. Melikyan)
2003 Music video "Waiting" groups "ANJ"



2006-2007 "BS agency"

Performance "East fairy tale" (inspired by oriental tales) Role - Jasmine; Shaherizada. Director: Sergei Shulgin


2006-2008 Art Atelier "Tradition" Vysotsky Center

Play "Breathing Butterfly" (play by R. Quinta "Cora") role - Anna

Director: Irena Gregor (debut directorial work)


2006 GITIS

Play "Cricket on the stove" (play by Charles Dickens), the role - Mrs Fielding Director: Galina Dubovskaya

Play "Thunderstorm" (play by Ostrovsky) role - Glasha Director: Oleg Efremov


2002-2004 Theater "Harlequin"

Play "Bald Soprano" (play by Ionesco I.) role - Mrs. Martin Director: Oleg Cherkas

Play "Eight-loving women" (play by Thoma) role - Louise Directed by: Vladimir Vlasenko Play "Francois Villon" (play by P. Antokolsky)

Play "Hamlet" (play by William Schekspira) Director: Sergei Melkonyan


1998-1999 "Theatre on the Rose Street"

Play "Father's Speech" (play by Guy Fuassi) role - mother

Play "Doors are slamming" (play by M. Fermo) role - Dominica

Directed by: Svetlana Teslaru










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